At Joe's Pub - NYC (5/02/03)



At 9:40pm, Kelli Sae hit the audience with some new R&B and latin grooves! The first two songs, probably "You Used To" and "Latina", were full of straight-up latin grooves......the former featured some standout bassisms by Booker King and the latter featured a break in the music for the keyboardist to do a great synthesizer solo and a great conga/cymbal latin solo! The following two ballads were followed by another ballad called "Aware". "Goodbye" was a good R&B ballad, followed by an uptempo song that featured some fiery guitar riffs by the one and only Mike Ciro!! (remember him from VICE featuring Corey Glover??) The song "Change" was followed by an old song called "Can't Wait".....a song Kelli did at the Wetlands (remember that club?) a few years ago. The encore song was "Vacant", done in a latin-percussion style during the first verse before jumping into the actualhardcore funk-rock grooves, featuring the hardcore-ness of Booker and Mike!!

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