At the Tin Angel, Philly - 3/17/01



Chris Schutz (bass) and Nick Schnebelen (guitar)

At 12:20am, Philly's best blues-rock band, K-FLOOR, started their set with the song "Give It Up", a funky R&B track that'll have the average person shaking his/her hips! "All I Need" (the song that has a sound similar to Stevie Wonder's musical journeys) had some PHAT & PHUNKY organ riffs by Justin DiFebbo!! "Brick" was a free-good, jazzy blues tune with a standout guitar solo by Nick Schnebelen & tight drumming by Zil! Nick did some electrifying guitar riffing on "Killing Floor". "Chickenhawk" was the icing on the funky blues cake, featuring some heavy, funkified bass licks by Chris Schutz, sprinkled with some odorious organ funk & some tasty rhythm guitar licks!!

At 1:20am, the K-Floor set was over.

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