(with SOLID)

At the Tin Angel - Philly (9/8/07)


SOLID Guitarist/vocalist Claymation with bassist/vocalist Chris Maute!

At 7:45pm, SOLID began their set with a song called......"Solid". And that is what it was.....solid!!! This is a great piece of solid funk.....the bass player/vocalist Chris Maute threw down on some nasty, meaty bass licks (a la Lige Curry, of the P-Funk Allstars) while the guitarist Claymation gave up some rock-solid fiery guitar licks, matched with the powerful drumming of Mikotic! The next 3 songs were close to the same type of stuff, with Claymation taking over on lead vocals for the third and fourth songs. Actually, the fourth song has a guitar/bass melody that was very close to the Greazy Meal (MPLS funk/R&B band) song "Everything is Everything". Unfortunately, the worst part of the show came when they performed "Porn".... the show went from a good dose of funk to a slab of garbage rock....and this is the only song that you could buy at the show (HOW STUPID IS THAT?). SOLID's first set ended at 8:10pm.

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Nick Schnebelen, K-Floor's guitarist/vocalist!!

At 8:25pm, it was time for the reunion show of K-Floor....they started with the slammin' instrumental of "Somanydynamos", featuring Nick Schnebelen on blazing lead guitar madness, a tight drum solo by Jay Norvak, and a stirring organ solo by Justin DiFebbo!!! The jazzy "Poison" was great, with the odorious, walking bass line (provided by Chris Schutz) and Justin's warm, delicious organ melodies (now, all you need is some biscuits & some gravy)! "Misery" was followed by the funky, funky "The Chickenhawk". "Break of Day" was a very nice blues track, featuring just Nick on guitar and Jay on drums for the first four minutes. "Can't Lose" started out with a bass line that mimicked the bass melody of The O'Jays "For the Love of Money"....talk about some funky organ riffs....Justin gives up the funk here, baba! "Will I Stay?" was a crowd favorite.....Nick cut loose on some nasty rock guitarisms!! "School Nights" was some pure jazz magic. "Pink Diddley" was the last song to end the first set at 9:30pm. For two songs, K-Floor had a guest harmonica player named Jake....I just don't remember which songs, though.

Chris Schutz with guest harmonica player, Jake!

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