At Avalon - NYC (11/3/05)



KING'S X: Jerry Gaskill, Doug Pinnick and Ty Tabor!!

At 12:40am, the Houston, Texas rock trio KING'S X began their set with a lot of songs from the new album OGRE TONES, including "Stay" and "Hurricane". Some of the songs had the standard King's X style of rock guitar fullness (Ty Tabor), heavy bass (Doug Pinnick) and tight drumming (Jerry Gaskill), but personally a lot of that stuff did not really do much for me. Following that was some classic King's X, like "She's Gone Away" and the uptempo "Looking For Love", featuring Ty's fiery lead guitar solo! The slower-tempo, melodic "Mr. Wilson" featured Ty and Doug doing the "children choruses". "A Box" sounded good, with the rap from the LIVE ALL OVER THE PLACE album. The new tune, "Bebop", was funk-rock at the best....funky rhythm with Doug and Ty borrowing Little Richard's favorite chant from "Tutti Fruitti". An old track (but on the new album) "Freedom", was followed by "Visions", a nasty rock tune with a couple of gospel-like rock breakdowns.

Doug Pinnick and Ty Tabor!

The encore featured the hardcore funk-rock energy of "Over My Head". "Dogman" was another smokin' hardrocker, thanks to the hardcore guitar riffing of Ty. Along the same vein was the song "We Were Born to Be Loved"....the last five minutes was an excellent exercise in random pauses and stops....the group played the main melody repeatedly, strategically stopping in random places and throwing in pauses. (THE CROWD WAS REALLY, REALLY FEELIN' IT.....AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!) The show was over at 2:20am.

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