At the Carter Barron Amphitheatre - Washington, DC (7/12/08)


After checking out the last five minutes of The Clones of Funk show at the Carter Barron Amphitheatre, I was finally able to witness a live performance by old-school funk band THE BAR-KAYS at 8:30pm. The only problem is that the performance wasn't really up to my expectations....aside from a few moments of standout synthesizer riffing and a moment or two of great lead guitar riffing, there was nothing spectacular about their show. The Bar-Kays started with my favorite "Boogie Body Land", followed by "Shake Ya Rump to the Funk", "She Talks to Me With Her Body", and three ballads (including Lenny Williams's "Cause I Love You"). The Bar-Kays sped things up with a slightly funky uptempo song featuring some standout freakish synthesizer riffs....more of those riffs were evident in "Sex-O-Matic"! "Move Your Boogie Body" was okay, and "Let's Have Some Fun" and "Holy Ghost" got a lot of the fans on their feets dancing! Lead vocalist Larry Dodson introduced the fans to his longtime partner of 30+ years on the guitar, James Alexander. Larry began singing a couple of minutes of the gospel tune "Never Could Have Made It", dedicating it to the fans. "Lean on You/Lean of Me" was followed by "Freakshow on the Dance Floor", featuring a moment of good lead guitar riffing....the band included a little bit of E.U.'s "Da Butt" (as a shout-out to D.C., Chocolate City)! The Bar-Kays set ended at 9:30pm.

At 10:10pm. Lakeside started their set with local vocals by Mark Wood and some funky guitar & bass licks on "Raid", which featured an interesting 1-minute fast-tempo/ rockish breakdown towards the end. Fans were on fire when Lakeside performed their first bonafide hit, "It's All The Way Live". Because many fans were asking for the song "Say Yes", they performed the ballad. After another ballad, it was on to a good & funky uptempo cut called "Something About That Woman", featuring some great slap bass riffing!! Afterwards, the fans were treated to the funkiest Lakeside treat ever that night.....the classic "Fantastic Voyage"....everyone in the outdoor venue was jammin' to this potent dose of DA FUNK!! Unforunately, the Lakeside journey ended at 11:00pm.

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