At the Trash Bar - Williamsburg (Brooklyn), NY (1/31/08)


NYC's newest & hottest Funk/R&B/Hip-Hop/Country sensation, L*A*W (aka Lyrical Assault Weapon OR Loving All Women)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 8:10pm, Brooklyn was treated to a special funk/R&B/hip-hop act.....one of their own......the hottest/newest musical sensation himself..... (drum roll please)..............................


The Planet 12 band kicked it off in Purple royalty with the Prince song "America", featuring pyrotechnic lead guitar soloing by L*A*W himself, standout organ soloing by Lilelenna and a gutbucket bass workout by Cecil.....the six-alarm guitar wailing at the end was just spectacular. L*A*W placed the guitar down (with the sound of guitar wailing still in the air) and did a 720-degree spin and slid over to the mic (like the late James Brown would do)!! The band went into a James Brown groove with "Ain't It Funky Now" featuring the funky grooves of the Horny Horns (Terry Lunch on trumpet and Tommy on sax)...L*A*W performed one of his rap songs over the funk groove! "What We GWanna Do" was another rp song that L*A*W performed, before the band jumped into "The Description", a great mid-tempo R&B tune dedicated to all the beautiful women out there. "Wish You Were Here" was a nice country-style ballad that featured a sing-along part for the audience. "Get Down", a more uptempo funk workout, featured the horn riffs of "Get on the Good Foot")...and "Superbad" (dedicated to the memory of James Brown) featured some great old-school dance moves from L*A*W. "Get Hollywood on Them" featured guitarist Errol giving props to P-Funk by playing the intro horn riffs of "Disco-to-Go" (by the Brides of Funkenstein)...ON GUITAR!! By the way, the lead guitar solo spots by Errol and L*A*W were nasty (especially the viciously shredding riffs of L*A*W)!! The band started performing the P-Funk classic "Knee Deep", before jumping into a long version of "Flashlight"....this funky jam featured an oldie but goodie rap called "Thick Girly Girls" and a tight drum solo by Dorsey....L*A*W and Errol gave props to Rod Stewart by playing riffs from the classic "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" The funk extravaganza unfortunately had to end at 9:00pm......WELL, YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY: "We're the opening act...we can't come back...we gets no more...we gets no encore....GET DRESSED!"

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