At B.B. King's Blues Club - NYC (3/07/03)



Legendary Meters guitarist, MR. LEO NOCENTELLI!!!! (applause!!)

The first set of the legendary Meters guitarist Leo Nocentelli began at 10:30pm with a funky jam.....Leo's rhythm guitarisms were very funky and the drymming was good, but the jam segued into "Fiyo (Fire) on the Bayou" with the signature Leo funky rock lead guitarisms!!! And the audience sang aloud "Fiyo on the Bayou"!! "Cissy Strut" was very good with some great churning organ, hard-hitting drumming and hot horn solos!! The next instrumental included a piece of "Stay Away".....Leo's heavy guitar riffs were nastay!! The ending of the set was the New Orleans party theme "Hey Pocky A-Way"....with the audience singing the lyrics and exclaiming "Hey--hey hey hey, hey pocky a-way!!" The funky piano riffs and funky bassisms filled the air of B.B. King's!! The first set ended at 11:25pm.

The second set started at 11:50pm with some "Little Old Money Maker", full of stirring organ funk and good percussion!! Leo and the band did an original song that was a bass and guitar rump romp.......TOO FONKAY!! The guest drummer was great on "Africa"....this was an absolute funk feast with all the musicians groovin', soloin' and flyin' so deep (or dare I say ZEEP) that you'd need funk insurance just to cover any grave injuries caused by over-funking!! "Goin' to New Orleans" was more hard-rock-funkish than Professor Longhair's version and with 3 guitarists (Leo and 2 guest guitarists) sounding off with such high freakquencies, you can just imagine the shatter sounds of many glasses in the club!! The "smoker" of the night was "Funky Miracle".......a FFFFFFFFUNKY MIRACLE OF TRUE FUNK MUSIC!!!! All musicians were in rare form, especially the master of funk guitar, Leo Nocentelli.....the song started with a subdued yet tasty guitar intro (like the live version of the song featuring the J.B.'s a few years back!!!! The fans ate it up with extra-large spoons and craved for more!!!! The encore featured guitarist Michael Powers on a funk jam that segued into a straight-up blues jam!! The second set was over at 1:30am

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