At Brown's Island (SUMMER CITYFEST) - Richmond, VA (7/12/03)




At 5:15pm, the zydeco funkmaster Lil Brian & the Zydeco Travelers started with some of that JB funk "Get on Up (I Feel Like Bein' a) Sex Machine", followed by some funky fast zydeco music. "Party" was some great zydeco funk, with some great accordion riffs by Lil Brian, some good "washboarding" by Martin and super thumpin' bass riffs by J-Moe! The band did some funky stuff that featured a breakdown that was identical to the one for P-Funk's "Up For the Down Stroke"....obviously somebody has been influenced by the P!! "Uncle Cliff" was a piece of country-style zydeco from the bayous of Louisiana. The first set ended at 6:00pm.


At 8:00pm, the zydeco funk of Lil Brian and the Zydeco Travelers returned with a Buckwheat Zydeco favorite, "Ma Tit Fille".......the fans were dancin' and funkin' to this New Orleans treat!!! "Black Butterfly" was nice, but "Thigh Drivin'" was da bomb with the breakdown featuring a funky combination of smokin' bass and tasty rhythm guitar licks by J.C......the heavy drumming stylings of Tony ended the breakdown and it was back to the "Thigh Drivin'"! "Beast of Burden" (another track covered by Buckwheat Zydeco) featured some fiery lead guitarisms and a good bit of "No Woman, No Cry" (originally by Bob Marley)! "Hot Tamale Baby" (another Buckwheat song) was another zydeco scorcher, with the band speeding up the tempo at the end! "Funky Nation" featured more of J.C.'s scratchy funk guitarisms! The end of the set featured just the trio of J.C., Tony and J-Moe (guitar, drums & bass) and it was such a funkifying experience.....J-Moe played some funky bass riffs of "Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)", "Brick House", "Good Times" (by Chic) and "The Jam" (by Graham Central Station)!!! The drum solo was so off-da-hook it was terrifying.....Tony was on fire doing tricks like attacking the cymbals hard while twirling his drumsticks!! The second set ended at 9:15pm.

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