At the Red Lion Music Pub - NYC (8/21/03)




At 12:50am (after a lot of technical problems), Lil' Brian and the Zydeco Travelers started with some J.B.'s "Sex Machine", followed by the instrumental of Buckwheat Zydeco's "What You Gonna Do?" This hot tune got everyone on their feet partying to the infectious zydeco funk!! The heat turned up immensely with Lil' Brian own "Party", featuring th extra-smolderin' bass solo of J. Mo!!! What followed was a bass-driven funk tune featuring lead guitar soloing by J.C. and insane drum soloing by Tony....of course, it would be nothin' without the lively, funky accordion of Lil Brian Terry.......GO, LIL' BRIAN, GO!!!! Next, it was time to shake dat ass off with some "Thigh Drivin'" gotta love the washboard percussion riffs of Martin!! After some social commentary of "Black Butterfly", the band did a funky zydeco jam, incorporating the breakdown of P-Funk's "Up for the Down Stroke". "Ma Tit Fille" and "We Just Wanna Jam" were followed by the cover version of "Beast of Burden", featuring great wah-wah guitarisms by J.C. and a segment of "No Woman, No Cry"......audience participation was great on the Bob Marley track and Martin threw down on the washboard!! The trio (drummer Tony, guitarist J.C. and bassist J. Mo) jammed on, doing some "Brick House", "Thank You Fallentime Be Mice Elf Agin" and Graham Central Station's "The Jam". Around 2:15am, the band stopped for about 10 minutes and came back with "Backstabbers", followed by "Uncle Cliff" was a ho-down in there (people twisting, jerking and shaking their thangs)! "Worldwide" was good, but "Hot Tamale Baby" was red-hot!! IT WAS MARDI-GRAS PARTYING IN THE BIG APPLE.....IN THE SUMMER!!! "Funky Nation" was the funky ending to the extravaganza.......the show ended at 3:00am.

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