Here are some funky links:


A fantastic resource for P-Funk information, including tour dates and pictures!!!


BOOTSY COLLINS Official Website
The official website for the legendary P-Funk/James Brown bassist, BOOTSY COLLINS!!!


ENEMY SQUAD Official Website
The official website for the hot, liquid-funk grooves of Enemy Squad, led by the tight drummer & laid-back (and cool) funker, Gabe Gonzalez!


Funkadrill Forum
Go here for a discussion site on music with Funkadrill (Neftali Santiago, of Mandrill)!!!


Go here to see photos of Funk-Kin in concert & information on some of the bandmembers.


Funky Taurus
A story about a recording artist getting hooked up with P-Funk.


John's Concert Review Page - IF ANYBODY GETS FUNKED UP
A fellow P-Funk fan's (John Abney) website contribution, with an archive of P.Funk concert reviews!


Jordan Rich's FUNK Page
A fellow funk fan's webpage.


Kelli Sae
Go here for detailed information (tour dates, bio, photos, etc.) on R&B newest, greatest, sexiest sensation, Ms. Kelli Sae!!!!!!!


Mandrill Drummer Neftali Santiago's Site
Go here for information on the second Mandrill drummer, Neftali Santiago!!!!


Go here for details on the former Mandrill guitarist, Omar Mesa.


Ricky Vincent's Funk Page - MAGGOTTOPIA
Go here for information on Rickey Vincent's book, FUNK.


WRBC Radio - Bates College
A link to a radio station that plays a diverse array of music, including funk music.


A new site covering the culture of funk, featuring articles, interviews, LP and concert reviews, and news pertaining to the world of classic and modern funk music.

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