At the Cricket Club - Irvington, NJ (4/04/03)



(Thanks to Tim Emgushov for his concert photo contribution to this review)

For the record, I have to say that I am proud of how I have travelled to many cities (big and small) to document the funk, soul, rock or whatever. It takes a NUT to travel to places like Asbury Park, NJ or Attleboro, MA to check out anything. Every now and then, I come across a city that'd make me say, "F-U-N(C)-K COMIN' TO THIS SPOT AGAIN!!" Today's magic city, boys and girls?? IRVINGTON, NJ! In a word or two, "Irvington is to city as CBGB's is to nightclub!" (and regular visitors to the BROOKENSTEIN reviews/website know what I said about CBGB's!) Actually, on the serious side, CBGB's could beat out Irvington for the aesthetics award!!! Forget about GHETTO, somebody stole the "GH" in Irvington's description!! (Time to declare this spot as a disaster the Red Cross!)

Corey Glover on vocals & Doug Wimbish on bass!

At 11:50pm, it was time to rip up the Cricket Club with some Living Colour!! Living Colour gave up some serious hardcore guitar (courtesy of Vernon Reid) and bass (courtesy of Doug Wimbish) grooves, with some insane drum soloing (courtesy of Wil Calhoun) and great vocals (courtesy of Corey Glover) on "Sacred Ground"! "Middle Man" was the next slammin' rock song that the fans really ate up! They did a new song that was a super-metal rocker with a more subdued bridge section (after the chorus) and some powerful drumming!! After the song "Leave It Alone", Vernon did a guitar shredding solo that had every ear in the place bleeding!! The shredding guitar continued into "Memories Can't Wait" was shred-rock at Volume Level 15!!!! Weird enough, it seemed like the rock sound was louder on the right side of the room. The punk-rock song, "Time's Up", seemed to perfectly describe the affairs of the USA and the world TODAY!! Doug's funky-funky bass lines filled the air on a new song called "The World Spin Round and Round" (or something like that)....this was a slower-paced funk song with some great Reid rhythm guitarims! "Go Away" was powerful, as was "Ignorance is Bliss" (perhaps directed at President George W. Bush)! Another new song featured some blues-rock guitarisms and a rock guitar solo near the end...the bass grooves were definitely heavily funky and Corey's vocals were nothing short of splendid! "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" was followed by a new song with some hellified bass guitar and some powerful Reid blues-rock guitarisms! The song was as funky as The Meters's "Funky Miracle"! "Cult of Personality" shook the foundation of the Cricket Club as 100 Living Colour fans (only 100???) jumped about and sang along with Living Colour!


The encore performance of "Crosstown Traffic" was spectacular, as the guys ripped a new A-HOLE into that Jimi Hendrix classic! Doug threw out some lead guitar effects on bass and some more nasty bass pedal effects!! Corey's vocals were again, nothing short of spectacular!!

The show ended at 1:35am.

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