At the 9:30 Club - Washington, DC (8/04/01)



At 12:00 midnight, the 9:30 Club received the most punishing force ever from the legendary black-rocksters themselves.......LIVING COLOUR!!!!!! The crowd went wild at the first syllable uttered by the baddest rock singer ever to grace the earth, COREY GLOVER!!! The song was "Open Letter to a Landlord"! Corey's vocals were as passionate as the album version!! "Time's Up" (the punk-inflicted rock song) was Vernon Reid's moment to do something really outrageous & unexpected......Vernon threw his guitar down and took a few steps toward Corey....then jumped into the audience (STAGE-DIVED)!!! "Ignorance is Bliss" was followed by "Sacred Ground". "Sacred Ground" featured a killer drum solo by Wil Calhoun and some stank-ass musky bass riffs by Doug Wimbish!! Corey was blowing through a strange-looking horn on "Sacred Ground". The band did the Bad Brains song "Sailin' On". The best part of the set was the song "Postman"....Corey's insane & passionate vocals, backed by angry guitar & bass lines, did more property damage to the club area that any of the thousands of drive-bys in that neighborhood in an average year!! Doug's bass funk on "Bi" was smoldering, as well as the "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" segment! "Elvis is Dead" was done with a Jungle Funk rhythm (thanks to Wil and Doug). The worst part of the show was probably the segue into "Type".......the transition was hardly apparent. On a good note for "Type", the bridge "Everything thatgoes around comes around" was done at a slower tempo with sparse drumming! Living Colour later included some reggae influence into the song. "Lost Halo", a new song, was bass-heavy with moments of hyper-drumming & scorchy lead guitarisms!!!! "Trance" (from the band JUNGLE FUNK) featured power drumming, lead vocals from Doug, and an overall rock flavor (thanks to Vernon). Wil did a super-heavy drum solo, complete with some electronic drumpads on "Research & Development"!!!!! "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" featured Doug on the upright bass!! Jimi Hendrix's "Power of Soul" was a nice addition to the set.

At 1:35am, the band did an encore performance of "Cult of Personality", complete with Corey's acrobatic actions of climbing onto the speakers & onto the second floor level of the building. Again, Vernon jumped into the audience for some more mosh-pit fun! The show ended at 1:45am.


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