At the World Cafe Live - Philly (12/16/05)


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LIVING COLOUR members Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Wil Calhoun (on drums) and Doug Wimbish!!

I arrived late at 9:55pm to check out the funk-rock magic of Living Colour (the band started their show around 9:00pm). Below are the songs that they performed prior to my arrival:

1.   Memories Can't Wait

2.   Middle Man

3.   Type

4.   Desperate People

5.   In Your Name

6.   Sacred Ground

When I arrived at the scene, these guys were doing a kickin' drum and bass workout, courtesy of Wil Calhoun and Doug Wimbish, respectively. Corey Glover did some serious soulful vocalizations before "Open Letter to a Landlord".....the song featured some sanctified "testifying" by Corey at the end! Doug did the loudest, baddest, supersonic screeching on bass for the peace song "Wall"!! The band went into a reggae jam and chant, before jumping into "Glamour Boys" (featuring Corey carrying his son on one arm) and the grungy, nasty guitar rock of "Go Away", featuring the pyrotechnic lead guitar scream of Vernon Reid!! Doug took the lead vocals on the bass-heavy rock of Little Annie's "Bless Those". "Ignorance is Bliss" was followed by the somber "Flyin'", featuring high-flyin' lead guitar riffs and insanely heavy bassisms! "Auslander" was followed by Wil doing a drum spotlight over a pre-programmed sample. "Time's Up" was followed by the Living Colour definitive rock classic "Cult of Personality", a crowd favorite that had every fan jumpin' around and rocking their heads hard! The encore featured the wedding blues/rock "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" and the Beatles's spiritual-tinged pop cut "Tomorrow Never Knows" and the instrumental ending to it called "Nova"....the best part was the way the band sped up the song to a harder rock tune with Corey repeatedly singing "Live for today!" The spectacular show was over at 11:30pm.

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