At CBGB's - NYC (12/21/00)



Fiery guitarist VERNON REID with the hardcore rock vocalist COREY GLOVER!!!

This show started out to be just Headfake (Doug Wimbish, Wil Calhoun and Corey Glover), but a very special guest helped make history by turning it into a TRUE Living Colour show.......that very, very special guest was the one and only Vernon Reid!!!!!!!

The Headfake trio started the show at 10:30pm with the nasty, smelly bass riffing of Doug Wimbish on "Cycles" (??), followed by the Corey vocal tracks, "Worship" and "Trance"......."Trance" featured the voice-over of Jungle Funk's vocalist, Vinx! The bass work on "Trance" was so strong that it could melt the speakers!! Doug added some background vocals for both "Worship" and "Trance".

COREY GLOVER has been "barcoded" by an oppressive society!!!

Around 10:45pm, Vernon Reid was brought to the stage and HEADFAKE was done.....LIVING COLOUR stepped in for a reunion show (it's been seven years now)......the band rocked the shit out of CBGB's (their starting place in their career) with "Go Away".......the raw, fiery grunge-rock brought the temperature of the club to about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit with wild guitar licks (by Vernon) tossed about, hard-pounding drumming (by Wil), odorious & crushing bass lines (by Doug), and aggressive vocals (by Corey)!! "Middle Man" was good, but "Time's Up" was more interesting, with instances of drumming madness........a very chaotic rock tune with some more hardcore guitarisms!! "Cult of Personality" was followed by "Bi", with some Doug's smotherin' bassisms & more pronounced guitarisms by Vernon!!! "Memories Can't Wait" was followed by "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" with funkafied rhythms on Doug's upright bass and fancy lead guitarisms!!! Living Colour started their next song, "Type"...."Type" was a fast-paced rock tour-de-force with Vernon's funky guitaring......the chant "Everything that goes around....comes around" was accompanied

 by a slower pace in the rock groove!! The most interesting was the third chorus, which was done acapella........Corey's dialogue & attitude (NOT singing) sounded very bland, if he wasn't feeling this song!! The wet bass sounds of Doug were excellent, towards the end of the song!!Corey provided some powerful vocals to "Open Letter to aLandlord". The show ended at 11:55pm, with an encore performance at 12:00 midnight........the encore song was Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic". The powerful raw guitar was matched by the asphyxiating bassline!! The drumming was very good, as the audience participation with the chorus!! The show ended at 12:05am.


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