At B.B. King's Blues Club - NYC (6/17/07)



At 8:30pm, the Maceo Parker band started their set with a funky latin groove, featuring Wil Boulware groovin' on the piano. "Off Da Hook" was a perfect lesson in 2% jazz, 98% funky stuff...with red-hot slammin' solos by saxophonist/leader Maceo Parker, keyboardist Wil Boulware, and bassist Skeet Curtis....not to forget the extra-tight drumming intro to the song! "To Be or Not to Be" was too funky, with Maceo doing a call-and-response with the drummer (what is this guy's name?) Bruno Speight had a spot where he got into some zeep (deeper than deep) rhythm guitar grooves! Actually, this was the same song where band manager Natasha Maddison was invited to the stage to do a Shakespearean soliliquy of "To Be or Not to Be"....HEY, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT EDUCATION COULD BE THIS FUNKY! Maybe I would have paid more attention to my literature classes in HIGH school, instead of getting HIGH! -- (Actually, that's a joke...Brookenstein never got high......but I'm testing positive....for the funk!) "Gimme Some More" (the JB tune) was another funk scorcher with a great trombone solo (what's the guy's name on trombone?) and a reference to Bootsy Collins's "The Pinocchio Theory"! After a ballad, it was time to go "Uptown Up"....FUNK with a Capital "C" for Corey Parker, who laid down some RAP-a-licious vocals over the potently funky stew....and the crowd ate every bit of it!! The temperature was already 500 degrees or so, when the band added some more wood to the scorching funk....this tune was the instrumental to Prince's "Baby Knows", featuring backing vocals by Corey and Martha High...and featuring.....(DRUMROLL, PLEASE) Bruno blazin' the place with some of the most fierce lead guitar licks to ever come out of the Maceo Parker camp....this was one hell of a solo (Prince would be smilin' right about now)!! "Doin' It to Death" was just another log added to the fire....but it was gettin' so hot that I had to leave, before I had the meltdown (the funk meltdown, that is). So, I jetted around 10:00pm. I'm sure that Maceo probably played for another 30 to 60 minutes....

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