Maceo Parker in Philly - 10/01/99

(with The Mark Boyce Combo)



The opening band, The Mark Boyce Combo, started their performance at 9:00pm. The keyboardist was just superb......he had the soul of James Brown and the fierce power of Bernie Worrell! His keyboard riffs were somewhat along the line of B. Worrell/Funkadelic circa 1972 ("America Eats Its Young" era). The drummer was pretty tight and the bassist was good. The rhythm guitarist was okay, but I just wish that he was a bit louder. Actually, I think that the fellas need a lead guitarist to complete the band. The Mark Boyce Combo ended their set at 9:40pm.


At 10:15pm, Maceo Parker's band started with an opening tune to the chant, "Come on Maceo!" Maceo came out about five minutes later and the first official tune was "Uptown Up"......Mr. Greg Boyer gave the funky folks a hot trombone solo. Greg soon engaged in a fierce duel between him and Maceo....I would say that Greg won! "Pass The Peas" was done at a slower tempo, but it was just as good......uh-oh, somebody was doing some funky "bass plucking"....OH, that's Rodney "Skeet" Curtis!! In the middle of the song, the music stopped and Maceo started dancing like James Brown and the audience began chanting "Pass The Peas! Pass The Peas!" Maceo was so elated that he wanted every person in the room to "Shake Everything You Got"......monstrous bass licks from Skeet and enough hot funk from the 'bone (Greg) to melt the TLA into thin air! Will Boulware played some funky piano and Greg Boyer did his Ray Davis impersonation! "House Party" was the jam, with the kick-butt drum solo. That was followed by "Sing a Simple Song", with some cool moves from the fellas who struck poses during the breakdown (in the middle of the tune)! The guitar solo was on the one (with some funky scratching effects) and Skeet provided the earthquakic bass! "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" featured more Ray Davis impersonation by Greg. Maceo did a little bit of "Mustang Sally", before Sweet Charles Sherrell took over and incorporated a little bit of Kool & The Gang's "Celebrate". He did his sexy dance during the performance. "Doin' It To Death" was excellent, with Maceo's flute solo which was basically note-for-note to the album version! The song ended with a very tender flute solo. "Georgia on My Mind" featured a Ray Charles impersonation by Maceo (complete with the sunglasses) and Greg provided some muffled 'bone riffs! The end of "Georgia on My Mind" was more uptempo and energetic! "Maceo's Groove" featured the "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" horn intro. Maceo and the fellas did a bit of "Stretchin' Out (in a Rubber Band)", followed by a great guitar solo which sounded a little like "Nappy Dugout" (from the Funkadelic COSMIC SLOP album). The show ended at 12:15am.

The encore started at 12:17am with a jazzy version of "Uptown Up", complete with Corey Parker's rap. "Got To Getcha Up" included a bit of "Elephant's Foot", which was the low moment of the show!! (Lyrically, "Elephant's Foot" is pretty weak) "Cold Sweat" was hot, and it featured a little bit of "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (sung by Sweet Charles). "Let's Get It On" featured a rap by Corey. The next tune was a reggae tune......I think it's called "No Woman Don't Cry". (Please correct me if this is wrong!) "Make It Funky" featured the rumbling bass solo, followed by "Soul Power" which included a rap by Corey. "Red Hot Momma" was the surprise of the show since I have never seen Maceo do this was pretty good, but no one can beat the WOO Warriors live version. The last tune was "Do That Stuff" which incorporated a little bit of "Standing on the Verge of Getting It On". The show was officially over at 12:50am.

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