At the TLA - Philly (9/12/03)



At 9:45pm, Maceo Parker and the funky band started with Chaka Khan & Rufus's "Once You Get Started". After another funky instrumental, they performed "Gimme Some More" (a JB's original) incorporated James Brown's "Licking Stick--Licking Stick"

 and featured some super-funky horn riffs by the trio......Maceo (sax), Greg Boyer (trombone) and Ron Tooley (trumpet)!!!! "Uptown Up" featured an intro where the drummer Jamal Thomas was getting a little too funky in his drum riffs, Greg was jamming on trombone, Corey Parker came out and threw down on some raps, and Mr. Hayes (Morris Hayes, of the NPG) was sizzlin' on funky synthesizer!! "Baby Knows" (the Prince original) featured sizzlin' lead g
uitarisms by Bruno Speight and nasty keyboardisms by Mr. Hayes!! "There Was a Time" was followed by an slow instrumental featuring Mr. Hayes on the keyboards. "Chicken" (a JB's original) was great, sounding as funky as the original!!! "If Only For One Night" (a Luther Vandross original) was good, and so was "Think (About It)", featuring Martha High (the woman sounded wonderful). Rodney "Skeet" Curtis's monster
bass riffs smoked the walls of TLA on "Shake Everything You Got" ("Southwick" for the fans who know the original song)!! Jamal Thomas threw down on a drum solo before the band took a small break.

"Those Girls" featured some more of Corey's rap. "Rabbits in a Pea Patch" was followed a suite of P-Funk songs: "Atomic Dog", "Mothership Connection (Starchild)", "Theme From the Black Hole", and "Flashlight".....of course, these songs were performed over one of Maceo's groove! "My Baby Loves You" featured some good baritone saxophone by Maceo! "Pass the Peas" was the song that got EVERYBODY in the TLA was FUNK HEAVEN!! JB's "Make It Funky/Soul Power" was just too tight.....and Mr. Hayes was just too damn funky on the organ (TALK ABOUT A FUNKGASM, BABA!)!!!! The Maceo show was over at 1:10am.

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