At S.O.B.'s - NYC (7/21/00)



Horn players, Lou & Carlos Wilson

At 8:37pm, Mandrill played two songs for their soundcheck, including one from the Mandrilland album called "Bro Weevil & The Swallow". Ten minutes later, the music stopped.

Alex Day began her twenty minutes of R&B, jazz and blues stylings.
Alex is a wonderful vocalist.....a songbird from the heavens above!! Mandrill keyboardist, Mikal, accompanied her as she performed "Let's Stay Together" (originally by Al Green), another R&B song, a jazzy song, and a blues song.

At 9:45pm, Mandrill was onstage doing "Mandrill" with some crisp percussion by the Wilson Bros. and an amazing drum solo by the one and only Neftali Santiago!!
"Rollin' On", a funky-ass tune, featured red-hot lead guitaring by Mark Rey, an excellent organ solo by Mikal, and a PHAT breakdown (dominated by percussion) during the fast-tempo gospel ending of the song! "Cohelo" (with Carlos Wilson, Mandrill's pied piper, on the flute) was followed by "Hang Loose". Every fan got loose on the dancefloor with the heavy-duty Afrocentric funk vibe that shook the S.O.B.'s foundation!! "House of Wood" followed with that "happy vibe" that wasn't present on the original recording......the violins worked perfectly with the song! "Mango Meat' was followed by "Fencewalk" which featured featured a rapper. "Git It All" pumped everyone into a frenzy with a high-powered ass-shakin' groove that continued until their encore performance of "Ape is High"......and the energy went to a newer level!!!! MANDRILL STILL RULES!!! At 10:55pm, the party was over.

The personnel: Lou Wilson (trumpet, percussion, vocals), Carlos Wilson (trombone, flute, percussion, rhythm guitar, vocals), Dr. Ric Wilson (saxophone, percussion, vocals), Wilfredo "Wolf" Wilson (percussion, vocals), Neftali Santiago (drums), Mikal (keyboards), Louis (bass), Mark Rey (lead guitar), Alex Day (background vocals), Daddy Bone Weinstein (violin, trombone), and Keith (violin, saxophone)

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