At Shine, NYC (11/13/02)


This was a birthday party for a musician named MAYA.....hence the name of the event, MAYAPALOOZA!!! The list of performers at MAYAPALOOZA were:

1.     Night Wigga

2.     Jerome Jordan Trio

3.     Felicia Collins's BITCHSLAPP!

4.     Honeychild 3

5.     Michael T. & the Vanities

6.     Thommy Price

7.     Mama Goddess

8.     Funkface

At 9:00pm, Night Wigga did just a 15 minute set in front of maybe 12 was some garbage pop with a lot of percussion.

Jerome Jordan gets deep into the funk-rock!

At 9:30pm, the real fun started with the Jerome Jordan Trio. The first song was some great funk-rock shit with wah-wah guitarisms by Jerome! The second song was a bass-heavy tune with some tight drumming and a NASTAY guitar solo!! The next song sounded like something from the Funkface "The American Dream" EP, with Jerome's wild guitarisms & vocals, a funky bass solo and s'more tight drumming!! The last song was a funk-rock ballad. The set was over at 9:50pm.

Click here for pictures of the Jerome Jordan Trio

BITCHSLAPP! drummer does his thang with Felicia Collins!!

At 10:10pm, Felicia Collins's BITCHSLAPP! went ahead and put a serious hurtin' on the fans with some POWERFUL rock shit (more than what Jerome Jordan Trio did)!!! The first song sounded (musically) like Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" was POWERFUL ROCK!! The next song "Once, Twice, Three Times I Love You" featured some guitar pyrotechnics from Felicia and another guitarist!!!!!! The bass funk was evident on "Weight of the World", a funk-rock tune that sounded a little like some Funkadelic shit! One more song and the set was over at 10:35pm, with Felicia proclaiming, "We are BITCHSLAPP!....and I guess YOU ARE TOO by now!!" (Great, Felicia!!! When is your next show, 'cuz I loves to be BITCHSLAPPed!")

Click here to be BITCHSLAPPed!!!!

At 10:50pm, Honeychild 3 started with some mediocre rock stuff.....I mean the guitarisms were pretty sharp but nothing spectacular. Also, the lead vocalist did not sound that great.....especially with that shrill screaming....sounded like some "jungle bushwoman" calling out to a wild animal" or something (that shit can GO!!!) That stuff lasted till 11:10pm.

At 11:25pm, Michael T. & the Vanities started with some classic 80's rock.....HATED IT!! WASTE OF TIME! That stuff lasted till 11:45pm.

At 12:00 midnight, Thommy Price was in the same vein as Michael T. & the Vanities. HATED IT!! WASTE OF TIME! That stuff lasted till 12:20am.

The Goddess herself, Maya!!

At 12:55am, Mama Goddess started with Maya being escorted to the stage on this portable platform, carried by two guys! She was dressed like a big shiny butterfly with wings that extended from the floor to several inches above her head.....the wingspan was probably 5 feet from her body!!!She required that everyone bow and worship her!! (I'm bowing NOW, MAYA the Goddess of Beauty!!) Maya strapped her guitar on and the band played for about 30 minutes. The band did a nasty funk-rock song called "Freaky Nasty", where one crazy black dude ACTUALLY........(are you ready???).........HE ACTUALLY STRIPPED PIECE BY PIECE TO FULL NAKEDNESS!!! (AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!)(Dr. Brookenstein was blind for about 15-20 minutes, and if he actually saw the front side........well, talk about long-time visually challenged.....this review wouldn't be here, would it?!!) Now that that visual is out of my head (WHEW!), I wanted to inform y'all that Jerome Jordan was the guy on lead guitar with a shiny scawl wrapped around his face and the bassist is from the R&B-funk outfit APOLLO HEIGHTS!!

Click here for pictures of Mama Goddess

At 1:45am, funk-rock superforce FUNKFACE hit the stage with Lisa (of Mama Goddess) doing lead vocals on the first 3 songs. Ramsey Jones provided the insane drumbeats for the punk-rock tune that followed! "Hoochie Smooch" (a song about marijuana) was some hardcore stuff with The Vitamin Luqee on wild was funny to see Luqee roll about on the floor!!! "Lick Shot" was good, but "Bruce Manor" was so much better with the super-hardcore rock breakdowns (featuring the guitar madness of Tim Tempura and 40 oz. Jeff, matched with the smokin' bass of Frankeebeans)!! "Something is Goin' On" was a weird pop/rock tune that sounded like it should be a TV/radio jingle, rather than a live song!! Funkface finished their set at 2:25am.

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