At B.B. King's Blues Club - NYC (1/14/05)



Milo-Z and partner in crime Joe Copeland!

At 11:40pm, B.B. King's Blues Club was getting pretty packed with folks who paid $1 to see the MILO-Z funk party...well, the party started with the funky Z-Funk musicians playing some JB stuff called "Pass The Peas"...very FUNKY horns and rhythm guitar stuff! After the usual Milo-Z intro, it was on to "That Boy is Crazy", featuring the soulful vocals of Milo-Z himself and the moment of red-hot lead guitarisms!! "Life" was good, but "Body" was better with a burning trumpet soloby Sharief and mo' red-hot lead guitar riffs! "My Heart Said Boom" was a bonafide funky jam featuring the smokin' bassisms of Smokin' Joe Copeland! Speaking of Joe, "Superstition" featured his raw, smokey lead vocals and a rapid-fire, machine-gun drum solo ending by Yuval Lion!!With Yuval still on the drums, the other musicians took a break for about 5 minutes and returned to perform "Little Red Riding Hood" (JUST TOO FONKAY!) "Get Up, Get Up" featured some standout keyboard riffs by Scotty Love! The horn solos were da bomb and Smokin' Joe's bass solo was kickin'! "Stop the Violence" was driven byhot lead guitar riffs! "Reefa Man" was interesting, because Joe changed the lyrics in his wasn't "Reefa, reefa, reefa man....I want my reefa, reefa, reefa....." "Bark" was a new songthat smoked the entire room with some heavy funk! "Korrina" was the ending to the fun-filled night which had EVERYONE on the dance floor doin' their thang...the nasty clavinet riffs that equal the "stench of 100 cans of wet Magic Shave" was provided by Mr. Scotty Love! Also, the descending bass swooping of Smokin' Joe was blastin' everyone's pleasure receptors! And let's not ignore the expert crooning by Milo-Z and Joe during the last minute or two of the show. The funk experience unfortunately had to come to a close at 1:45am.

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