At Ulysses - NYC (5/10/08)


Josh, Milo Z, Smokin' Joe Copeland & Glenn!

At 11:05pm, the PACKED HOUSE of the Ulysses Bar was treated to a super-funky treat.....the high-energy funk music of MILO-Z!!!! After starting with some super-hot covers of The JB's "Pass the Peas" and Average White Band's "Pick Up the Pieces", featuring the sizzlin' hot sax riffs of Josh (tenor sax) & Ela (alto sax) and the strong funk bass rumblings of Smokin' Joe Copeland, it was on to the main show featuring the soulful baritone vocal stylings of Milo-Z himself....unfortunately, there was some "technical difficulties" with whatever song they were trying to the band went into the Bill Withers's song "Use Me", featuring some of the tightest high-energy drumming from Rodney Ledbetter and a hot sax solo from Ela!

"That Boy is Crazy" was followed by the show-stopping, crowd-pleasing, JB-energy, foot-stompin' song "Dog", featuring a nasty, hardcore lead guitar solo by Singh!!!!!

The following song was a long, funk-blues tune that started out with a nice funk rhythm guitar line by Singh; the highlights of this song included the fiery lead guitar slaying by Glenn, the smokin' drum/alto saxophone solo spotlight, and the audience participation (where everyone in the audience was singing "Oh, I" repeatedly)! "Love is Food" was followed by "Low Rider/Shake Your Groove Thang" and "My Heart Said Boom". "Superstition" was a lead vocal spotlight for Smokin' Joe, as well as another opportunity for Josh to throw down another funky tenor sax solo! "Get On Up" featured the normal call-and-response fan participation that's standard for Milo's shows, where fans repeat whatever chants/ad-libs Milo dished also featured the standard "Can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp (Milo-Z) taste so good to me (Smokin' Joe)" ad-libs. Guest trumpeteer Sharief Clayton threw down sweet 'n' nasty riffs on "Get On Up"! The fire-hot funk of "Karrina" was the perfect ending to a show that every fan in the bar will never, ever forget!! The high-energy funk was finally over at 1:30am.

Sharief Clayton, guest trumpeteer!

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