At the Whiskey Bar - Hoboken, NJ (6/14/02)



At 1:05am, the final set of the funky NYC band, MILO-Z, began in JB-style with some "Pass The Peas", dominated by the funky horns of Thomas Hutchings, Jr. (sax) and Omar (trumpet)!! The funky shit was followed by a one-minute snippet of one of the funkiest Milo-Z joints around, "On Your Time" was too bad that they didn't perform the actual song! Milo-Z graced the stage in time to perform "Little Red Riding Hood" which got the funky crowd stirred up in serious funkativity and dancing!! Mr. Bad-Ass on Bass, Joe Copeland, laid down some heavy bass on "My Heart Said Boom"! "Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin" featured some of the noxious bass riffs in Milo-Z's history coupled with serious rhythm guitar strokes from guitarist Roy! "Get Up, Get Up" was Milo's spotlight to shine vocally,leading the crowd in some chanting.....his stage presence is definitely there! I caught keyboardist Scotty Love doing some of the best synthesizer riffs ever heard, even tackling Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"! The trumpet and sax were playing "The Odd Couple" TV theme!! "Body" was good, but better was "Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder's song).....done with a more hardcore rock edge, thanks to the guitar & bass! "Korrina" featured more of Scotty's signature funk keyboards! The encore performance of "Get Up, Stand Up" (originally by Bob Marley) was very funky, especially with the funky vocals of bassistJoe Copeland!! The show was over at 2:30am.

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