At Johnny D's - Somerville, MA (6/27/03)



At 9:50pm, the NYC funk of Milo-Z started with a fitting intro that sounded like "On Your Time". The first actual song was Bill Withers's "Use Me", featuring the soulful vocals of Milo-Z himself!! "Practice What You Preach" was still funky, courtesy of the horn players Thomas Hutchings (on sax) and Omar (on trumpet) and the funky bassism of Smokin' Joe Copeland!! "Life" was followed by "Funky People", featuring good scratch guitarisms by Roy. Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" was done vocally by Smokin' Joe....on the serious side, Joe shouldn't bother doing falsetto--his voice is already "unpolished"! The sped-up funky rhythm of the song "Dog" was followed by "My Heart Said Boom", featuring amazing horn solos! "Get Up, Stand Up" (a Bob Marley tune) featured lead vocals & smoking bass-funk riffs by Smokin' Joe! The crowd was definitely eating up Milo-Z's stuff with a BIG spoon! The first set ended at 11:00pm.


At 11:30pm, the second set of Milo-Z began with the same Z-funk intro but drummer Yuval Lion began to play by myself.......he beat the hell out of the drums, the mic stand bases, the stage itself, cymbals, liquor glasses........anything that could be used for percussion purposes!! About 6 minutes later, the band started with "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Body". Smokin' Joe handled the vocals on "Mustang Sally", along with some bad-ass smokin' bass riffs and some lead guitar madness! The only problem was that the saxophone was too low in the mix for that song adn another song in the second set. "Reefer Man" had some nasty lead guitarisms and a red-hot lead guitar solo, courtesy of Roy! "Starting Over" was the slow song of the evening. "Korrina" was good, with some good keyboardisms by Scotty Love........Scotty should have more solo spots so he can get off!! "Get Out Your Seat" was a continuation of the "Korrina" groove that got everyone shakin' their moneymakers!! The second set ended at 12:45am.

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