At the Whiskey Bar - Hoboken, NJ (7/21/00)



The funky leader......and his name is MILO Z!!

At 12:30am, the Milo-Z band started their second set with Average White Band's "Pick Up The Pieces". One of the best parts of the song was hearing Joe Copeland's funky-as-a-mosquito's-ass bass riffing and bass popping!! Also in effect was Thomas Hutching's funky PHAT sax solo! Milo Z himself appeared to sing lead vocals for "Body". The groove whipped every body in the bar into sweat mode!! Funky rhythm guitarisms by Shakar Mintz and off-da-hook sax & trumpet solos were evident. The next song was a funky fest with great lead guitaring by Shakar and tight drumming by Yuval Lion. A slower groove called "Sweetness" (pardon me, if the title is wrong) took overer the whole bar. More funky songs and audience chants ended the second set at 1:30am.

The personnel: Milo Z (lead vocals), Joe Copeland (bass, lead & background vocals), Yuval Lion (drums), Scotty Love (keyboards), Shakar Mintz (lead guitar), Thomas Hutchings (saxophone), and an unnamed trumpet player.

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