At the Whiskey Bar - Hoboken, NJ (9/20/02)



At 11:00pm, Milo-Z started their funky first set with a funky dance track called "Serious", featuring the bombastic bass riffs of Mr. Joe Copeland, the funky vocal stylings of Milo-Z himself, and some funky scratch guitaring by Roy! Even better was the fast-tempo wah-wah scratch guitaring of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" funky that it'd take a regular Afro and straighten the hair all the way out!!!! The bassline was solid and in-your-face, with the breakdown being a total blasting jam with the guitar & bass doubling up on the riffs and the drummer (Yuval Lion) goin' insane on the skins!!! The horns (Richard Lee & Thomas Hutchings) were put to good use on "Use Me"! "Life" was a moderately funky tune. "Thank You Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin" was the medicine needed for some folks to finally give up the funk!! Oh, brother Joe was shmokin' the club with the too-funky bassisms!!!! Plus, the drumrolls at the end were lethal!! "Dog" was performed at a faster to work the crowd to the point of exhaustion, but higher funkativity!! "Mustang Sally" featured some excellent horn work, Joe's smokey vocals (dare I call him, Smokey Joe) and bass riffs were the order of the day.....with a side of lethal drumrolls again by Yuval!! "Low Rider" featured more bass workouts (will Smokey Joe ever quit?!) and standout horn riffs!! "Money" featured a red-hot lead guitar line! The last song sounded like "On Your Time", but it wasn' was still pretty funky! The only thing that was wrong with this set was that the keyboardist Scotty Love never really showed his super-funk chops. The first set ended at 12:20am.

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