At the Lion's Den - NYC (9/25/04)


At 12:30am, the funky, funky MILO-Z began their set with a funky jam and the "On Your Time" instrumental. "Body" featured the soulful vocals of the Golden Throat himself Milo-Z and the backing smokey vocals of Joe Copeland! The song featured a soaring lead guitar solo, but the real treat was the red-hot trumpet riffing!! (This brotha was on fire that night.....DAMN!!) "My Heart Said Boom" featured the bass funkatizing power of Smokin' Joe Copeland, a good saxophone solo, and (yes) some NASTY synthesizer riffs by the one and only (MY BRO) Scotty Love!! "That Boy is Crazy" was good, but "Get Up, Get Up" featured a duel between the trumpeteer and the good! Scotty was gettin' extra sweet 'n' nasty on the keys (it's about time!) and the heavy drum soloing by Yuval Lion was great!! "Use Me" was another showcase for the duelling horns...also a spotlight for the baddest drum soloing ever! And the drummer broke it down for real on "Superstition". "Little Red Riding Hood" was up to no good that night (that's right)...but I had to leave for Philly, so I checked out at 2:00am.

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