At Kenny's Castaways, NYC (5/13/00)



At 1:00am, the funky Mo' Phat hit the stage with some serious shit!! First, the band tackled the Bootsy classic "Munchies For Your Love" with much coolness and the audience devoured it with delight!! John Willis, Eric Wilson and Lisa Michaels performed the tasty vocals for this classic. The killer guitar solos by John Willis were just........groovalicious! "Come Together" was full of heavy drum attacks by Kevin Harrington, standout bass by Jean Hunte, and some hardcore lead guitarisms! "Kiss" and "Head" (Prince covers) were full of spicy keyboard riffs by Eric. The James Brown cover "I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin' (Open Up The Door, I'll GetIt Myself)" smoked with some funky bass & good rhythm guitarisms! "Cosmic Slop" was the low point of the show, sounding somewhat uninspired--Nappyhead, Original P or The Clones of Funk could have done a better job. The lead guitar riffs were strong, but the bass sounded somewhat weak and the song was too short, ending after the second verse & breakdown. "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" was a very welcomed change in pace, with some smolderin' bass, strong keyboardisms, and excellent guitar funkiness!! "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" was da shit with FONKAY bass thumpin', great keyboard riffs & good vocals by John Willis! The last song, a Melissa Etheridge cover (I don't remember the name), was a funky blues song with some funky organ riffs, funky-blues guitar riffs, and some great vocals by Lisa. The first set was over at 1:55am.

The personnel: John Willis (guitar, vocals), Lisa Michaels (lead vocals), Jean Hunte (bass), Eric Wilson (keyboards, backing vocals), and Kevin Harrington (drums).

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