At Kenny's Castaways - NYC (7/26/02)



Lisa Michaels, the beautiful lead vocalist!!!!!!

At 12:50am, the Mo' Phat experience began with some mellow, ethereal notes of "In The Air Tonite" (originally by Genesis), followed by the funky "Disrespect" which featured the strong vocals of lead vocalist Lisa Michaels and backing help John Willis & Eric Wilson!! The fiery lead guitar riffs ripped throughout the next song, "Never All Alone" (courtesy of John Willis)!! The funky keyboardisms of Eric Wilson were great! "Thankful & Thoughtful" (Sly Stone's song done in a totally Mo' Phat style) sounded very good with some smolderin' bass funk (provided by Jean Hunte) and John's tasty wah-wah guitarisms!! "Lolita's Daughter" started with a tight drum intro (provided by Kevin Harrington). "Gorgeous" (which definitely describes Lisa) and "Since When" were good, but better was the funk anthem "Who's in the House".....the band sounded great vocally and the guitar was definitely funky! The first set ended at 1:30am.

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