At the Roseland Ballroom - NYC (12/08/00)



At 12:50am, Mos Def began his set with four fabulous musicians backing him: the legendary Bernie Worrell (of the P-Funk camp), the lethal bass player Doug Wimbish (of Living Colour & Tackhead), the bad-ass drummer Wil Calhoun (of Living Colour), and the super-lethal guitarist Dr. Know (of Bad Brains). The first song was the Band of Gypsys' (Jimi Hendrix) tune, "Who Knows". "Who Knows" featured some of the funkiest synthesized sounds of B. Worrell and Dr. Know's poisonous lead guitarisms!! A cover version of The Police's "Roxanne" was followed by a funk track with some heavy bassics by Doug!! Mos Def did another song that alternated between hip-hop and reggae.......very different! Also different was the following song, which was speed metal rock with Wil's heavy drumbeats and some stank keys by Bernie!! Following that was a R&B track that featured Doug's tasty upright bass riffs!!!

The last song was dedicated to the ghetto was some hard-rock with fierce lead guitar, spaced-out synthesized sounds, and hard drumming!!

Mos Def's show ended at 2:25am.

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