At the Constitution Hall - Washington, DC (8/4/07)


At 9:20pm (after old-school R&B group The S.O.S. Band finished a 40-minute set of tunes like "Just Be Good to Me", "Take Your Time (Do It Right)", "The Finest" and "Just the Way You Like It"), Mother's Finest began their funk-rock set with the disco-ish funk instrumental "Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way", followed by the funk-rock madness that is "Come Fly With Me". "Truth'll Set You Free" was DA SHIZNIT, with the super-passionate lead vocals of the beautiful and extremely-talented Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy and the heavy guitar soloing of Gary "Moses Mo" Moore!! "Don't Wanna Come Back" featured a good bass solo by The Wyzard, but better was the following song which was an extremely raw, nasty rock scorcher (I don't know the name of it, though)! "Niggiz's Groove" was another metal-rock scorcher (almost sounding like "Flat on My Back" in the beginning)....this is a variation of the original song "Like a Negro" (from the BLACK RADIO WON'T PLAY THIS RECORD album). Following was the long performance of "Give It Up" included some moments of bad-ass drumming and Moses Mo's wicked guitar slaying....and the audience chanting lines like "A little bit of soul ain't hurt nobody" and "Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I baby"! Baby Jean was in great form vocally on this song....WHEW, just listening to her wore me out (and I wasn't onstage)!!! Glenn "Doc" Murdock started out teaching the audience the chant to the next song "Mickey's Monkey" (originally by Smokey Robinson) was five minutes of funk-rock bliss jammin' to this gem, which included a little bit of Jimi Hendrix's "Who Knows"! "Thank You For the Love" slowed things a bit, before they performed the crowd favorite "Love Changes" (later covered by Meli'sa Morgan)! "Baby Love" featured a pyrotechnic guitar slaying by John Hayes, during the break (where normally you'd hear the nasty keyboard solo)!!! Mother's Finest ended a slammin' set at 10:20pm. WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION....AND MORE!!

Of course, a great show wasn't without an issue or two....I was shocked to see the baddest group, MOTHER'S FINEST, going on second, with Chuck Brown as the headliner, but I'm glad they went on second for two reasons: (1) I can get my MF-funk on and leave after their performance (get some extra sleep) and (2) if they followed DC go-go legend Chuck Brown, there would be only 50 people (if that) in the audience left (in a room with capacity for thousands) to check them out...which would really suck! Yes, I watched as scores & scores of black folks were jammin' to The S.O.S. Band, but when Mother's Finest started playing, most of these mugs were sitting on their hands (just resting in their $49 or $54 seats).....I'M SORRY, I PAID $54 FOR A SEAT TOO, BUT I AM ***NOT*** SITTING THROUGH A MOTHER'S FINEST SHOW....OH, HELL TO THE F**KIN' NO!! THIS IS STRAIGHT-RAW FUNK-ROCK NASTINESS AT ITS FINEST....I WAS DANCIN' AND JAMMIN' LIKE A MOFO (even as some fans complained, "I can't see the show!" I thought, "Get the F**K up!" S.O.S. was just a warm-up to some serious funk 'n' rock music!!!)! This is why I hate going to funk shows at venues that are loaded with seats.....for jazz or blues events, that's okay. And the Constitution Hall STILL stinks.....would you f**kin' believe that I was hassled by a stupid security guy because I was standing inside a corridor (where you exit the performance room to go to the main hallway (with the refreshment booths, artist merchandise tables and access to the bathrooms/lounge)?? About five minutes later, three women are standing in the same area, behind me (I was standin' halfway in the performance room/halfway in the corridor) and this security mofo didn't say a damn thing to them!!!! HMMM!!! (Man, if it wasn't for Mother's Finest, I would have NEVER EVER step foot in that no-good MOFO, but I got to get my MF-funk on!!!) Well, interesting enough, when Mother's Finest performed "Thank You For Your Love", people began to warm up to them....and the folks REALLY REALLY digged "Love Changes". Oh, before I forget, people were really itching to see Chuck white girl said "Man, these guys are playing a long, long time....what the f**k, I wanna see Chuck Brown.....time for me to get another drink!" to which I shook my head in amazement. Well, I decided to split after Mother's Finest left the stage (figuring Chuck couldn't top that).......MOTHER'S FINEST, thank you for the love....thank you for doing a 60-minute show....thank you for blowing the roof off the mug....thank you Baby Jean for your strong, soulful vocals & rock-at-heart spirit...thank you Glenn Murdock for being a hard-rock lover...thank you Moses Mo for the soaring guitar solos...thank you Wyzard for your bass funk... thank you all for turning the Constitution Hall upside-down!!!! LONG LIVE MOTHER'S FINEST!!!!

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