At Port Jazz - Port Jefferson, NY (1/17/04)



Gary Bordies and #9!!!

At 11:20pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started their funky set with some "Dirty Vamp", followed by "Funk Infection 2004" which featured a new hook that was coined by Dr. Brookenstein......"Gonna be a funk infection, everybody up on the floor, gonna be a funk infection in the Year 2004!" The spicy keyboardisms of Prez during "FY2K4" was very, very good! "Sexy MF" featured a little portion where #9 introduced fans to a dance called the Port Jazz Shake! There was some birthday shoutouts to three people in the club, including Dr. Brookenstein (whose age shall remain anonymous). "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" featured some seriously funky rhythm guitarisms by Groovalicious and nasty keyboardisms by Prez. "Jungle Boogie" was followed by Prince's "Gett Off" which featured a drum solo by The Hat! The first set was over at 12:05am.

At 12:30am, the second set began with the NHFA doing their inspirational funk tune, "God". "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" was a crowd pleaser, as well as the chorus of "If Anybody Gets Funked Up (It's Gonna Be You)" and a good slice of "Get Satisfied", vocalized by the ever-so-funky Eric-Jay, baba!! (I'M SATISFIED, BABA!) "Atomic Dog" was tight, and so was "Single Life" and "Candy"....of course, I was too busy to really concentrate on the highlights because I was in the middle of a body grind & groove with two "tarts" (and in my blue suit & blue suede shoes)! (LITTLE BOY BLUE, CUM BLOW HIS HORN!.......OOPS, did I say that?!) The second set ended at 1:20am.

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