At the Elbow Room in NYC - 2/16/01



I arrived about 25 minutes before the show's conclusion because I was checking out comedian/actor Mike Epps at Caroline's.....the comedy show got off to a very late start at 1:10am (the scheduled time was 12:30am) and ended at 2:40am. I finally got to the Elbow Room ta 2:50am to see Nappyhead.

"Let's Get Satisfied" (a George Clinton classic from the HEY MAN....SMELL MY FINGER album) was the first song I heard. It was so funky with some funkatizing synth riffs by Eric Wilson and Prez! The song contained the "Landshark" (by Bootsy) chant: "Shake what ya brought with ya, ya know what it's gonna get ya!" Bass player Carlton shook the Elbow Room to its foundation with heavy thumpasorus bass riffs (DAMN!) on "Aah....The Name is Bootsy, Baby"......Eric-Jay was wearing his Bootsy star-shades and the song included the chant "All around the world for the funk" from the Parliament tune "Theme From the Black Hole"! The bass was still at Ritcher 9.5 scale power during "One Nation Under a Groove"!

"Knee Deep" followed with Eric Wilson throwing some more STANK into the funk mix, John Willis setting the stage afire with brutal lead guitarisms, and Carlton offerig some freakalicious bassisms to the mesmerizing fans!! The tight-drumming by Ainsley Taylor and John's lead guitar solo (which was ultra-hot) made it all the better!! The last song, "Unfunky UFO" incorporated the Brides of Funkenstein's "Party Up in Here".........
it was too wicked with the super-hot guitar, bass and keyboard riffs that threatened to demolish the Greenwich Village area!!!!! WOT WAS DAT???!!!! Eric-Jay was wearing the Trombipulation nose! By the way, Lindsey (the saxophonist) was pretty funky, along with the funky vocalizing of Ms. Thang, Tanya Thillet!!! The show was over at 3:15am.

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