At Da Funky Phish - Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) - 2/25/00



I arrived at Da Funky Phish at 9:35pm. Da Funky Phish is a very nice club out in the middle of Long Island. I met the members of Nappyhead, which now included Rhythm Republik guitarist & keyboardist (John Willis & Eric Wilson, respectively), saxophonist Tim Dorsey, and Deep Pocket's vocalist Tanya Thillet. I waited about one hour, watching the fellas set up their equipment and I met the club owner Craig, who is a big fan of my website, BROOKSYNTELECHY. I listened as Eric played keyboard riffs of "Darlin' Nikki" and as Gary Bordies played funky bass riffs of "Alice in My Fantasies", "Mothership Connection (Starchild)", and "Thank You Falettme Be Mice Elf Agin".


The show officially started at 11:05pm with some "P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)"....Zack Roberson (da phunky drummer) was up-front riling the crowd of 50+ patrons while wearing a funky hat!! "P-Funk" featured some spaced-out keyboard riffs, heavy bass lines & a lovely touch of saxophone. "Alice in My Fantasies" was too damn short, but had some bombastic drumming by Zack, the Lego-Maniac!! John Purvis got his chance to "fly on" with his high-powered guitar riffs! The kickin' bass & spacey keyboard riffs were still there, along with the nice percussion by Pat D'Auria and Tanya. "Fly on The Wall" was great with John Willis's superb guitar funkiness and Worrell-esque keyboard riffs by Eric. "Funk Y2K" featured some "Comin' Round The Mountain", but I could not hear the vocals due to technical problems. John Purvis played great rhythm guitar licks on "Funkentelechy". "Mothership Connection" was good, better than "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On", which suffered from one major thing: lack of strong, hardcore guitar riffs!! Also, the same song (which, by the way, featured a snippet of "Good To Your Earhole") suffered due to low volume on the vocals! (again!) "Maggot Brain" featured earth-shattering, hardcore guitarisms by John Purvis & John Willis's fiery guitar riffs--Eddie Hazel must have been looking down from funk heaven and smiled!! "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" was the funky closer to the first set, which ended at 12:20am.

I was so glad that I got a chance to see Da Funky Phish because it sounded like a really funky place! Nappyhead plays there regularly and Bernie Worrell has played there a few times, so Da Funky Phish is definitely tuned in to the funk!! Also, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go through the extra energy & expense to check out New York City's finest P-Funk tribute band!

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