At Kenny's Castaways in NYC - 3/11/00



The personnel for Nappyhead: Zack Roberson (lead vocals), Eric Wilson (keyboards), John Purvis (lead guitar), John Willis (rhythm guitar), Kevin Harrington (drums), Clayton Harding (bass), Tim Dorsey (saxophone), Pat D'Auria (lead & backing vocals), and Tanya Thillet (lead & backing vocals).

In da house tonight was the one and only Ronald P. Edwards (better known as Stozo The Clown)......"STOZO.....WE WANT STOZO!! STOZO, WHERE'D YOU GET YA FUNK FROM!" I was very happy to see my friend, Keith D. Allen ( in the's been a very, very long time! Also, shoutouts to MC Moe (Nappyhead's MC who took a break from performing) and the Internet's own Michael O'Neal!!!

The first set started late at 12:30am with some funky intergalactic shit called "P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)" and Eric Wilson shined with his spaced-out keyboardism, orgasmically!!!! "Alice in My Fantasies" and "Funkentelechy" smoked as usual! "Fly on the Wall" featured mo' stank-ass keyboardisms by Eric and some FONKAY rhythm guitar licks by John Willis! "Mothership Connection" was good with some great ad-libbing by Tanya & Zack's attempted impersonation of Glen Goins: "Do you wanna ride? New York, do you want to ride?"

The definite highlight of the first set was "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka", thanks to the deep Deep Pocket bassist........(drumroll)............MR. CLAYTON HARDING!!!!! DAMN!!! The bass was so heavy that it could crush was asphyxiating, driving & way deep in the pocket!!! (It almost brought tears to my eyes!)

"Undisco Kidd" and "Funkemiftheycan'ttakeajoke" were good, but "Red Hot Momma" (which incorporated "I Got a Thang, You Got a Thang, Everybody's Got a Thang") still needed more standout guitar riffs. "Good To Your Earhole" and "Funk Y2K Connection" ended at the first set at 1:30am.

The second set began at 1:45am and featured some "Chocolate City" (incorporating some "Get Off Your Ass and Jam"). "Cosmic Slop" (incorporating some "Take Your Dead Ass Home") had some problems: the initial drumbeats were off, Pat started a little late with the first verse, and Clayton's bass could have been more pronounced. Nevertheless, the song sounded very good. By the way, I caught a glimpse of Zack splashing water from a bottle near the this the start of a new gimmick?! "Stretchin' Out in a Rubber Band" could have definitely had more pronounced bass-thumping! "Stretchin' Out" included parts of "Cholly (Funk Gettin' Ready To Roll)" and "The Pinocchio Theory".

Members of the audience stepped onstage, including some guy with a camera named David Brooks (hmmm.....I think I've seen him somewhere before)!! The band started doing "Atomic Dog" (mixed with a little "Pumpin' It Up"). Fans of the funk were dancing and singing......having a funky good time. Mr. Brooks danced with his arm around Tanya, and fellas were barkin' onstage.......Brooks barked loudly & rapidly into the mic at one point! This carried on for maybe 15 minutes before the band broke into "Undisco Kidd" and "Unfunky UFO".

"Party Up in Here" incorporated some parts of "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" had already got it on....and got the orgasmic grooves! The band performed "Spiritual Purpose" and "Flashlight", which featured guest saxophonist Thomas (from the funk band, Milo-Z). The funk came to a climax, and then things got slower with some intense "Maggot Brain" with John Purvis doin' his guitar antics (playing guitar behind his head)!! The second set was over at 3:15am.

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