At Leavy's Last Stop - Huntington, NY (4/11/03)



At 10:30pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army marched onto the field (stage) and began to kick some Sir Nose asses out was time to do the "Funk Army Mash", featuring the fearless leader #9 playing the funky bass......oh, it was so funky that it stank up the room like a 1,000 wet farts!! Those noxious bass riffs were accompanied by some funky synthesizer riffs by the funky PREZident!! Having the original funky female vocalist, Pat D'Auria, in the mix was so heavenly.....especially on the 2003 version of "Funk Y2K Infection"! "Fly on the Wall" was followed by "Sexy MF", which oddly featured lead vocals by #9 (the lyrics were somewhat off and vocally, I like Tanya's voice on the song)! "Jungle Boogie" was another super-funky treat with some nasty, cosmic keyboardisms of The Pearl!! "Cosmic Slop" was a shining moment for Pat D'Auria and her funky, rapsy lead vocals! The lead guitarisms of Groovalicious were red-hot during the solo!! Leader #9 threw out some old nursery rhymes ("Let's Take It to The Stage" and "Take Your Dead Ass Home") and some new ones, over the music to "Every Dog Has Its Dog"! The bass synth riffs of The Pearl were great! "Up For The Down Stroke" got the fans dancin' their asses off. The Army surprised the hell out of me when they performed Cameo's "Single Life" and "Candy"!! "Single Life" was good, but was missing the freakish snyth riffs during the bridge of the song. "Candy" featured the super-funky stank bass of #9!!! "Atomic Dog/Pumpin' It Up" ended the first set at 12:05am.

The second set began at 12:35am with the sizzling vocals of Pat D'Auria, who was a "Red Hot Momma"......that song was preceded by a little bit of "I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing" and featured some powerful lead guitaring by Groovalicious! "God" was a funky song and "Bottoms Up" featured some excellent lead guitar wailing by Andre Lassalle"!! "One Nation Under a Groove" was a short song that was followed by the long jam of "Knee Deep".
"Play That Funky Music, White Boy" featured some good rhythm guitar by Groovalicious and a funky, white guy who got some serious "dance on" near the stage!! "Funkemiftheycanttakeajoke" featured the subtle funk breakdown (where everyone sang "WE ARE SOLDIERS IN THE ARMY").....and the bass was kickin'! Everyone clapped their hands and stomped their feet to the funky grooves of The Army!!! The show was over at 1:35am.


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