At Port Jazz - Port Jefferson, NY (4/16/04)



The new Andre Lassalle......."the cookies will get na na na--na na na"!!!

At 11:10pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army hit the stage with one noticeable difference......the guitarist Andre Lassalle that we know of is now 50 pounds lighter and looking pretty good! (Who says that funk can't work up a sweat!?!) The band got into a funky, funky intro featuring the anchor Gary Bordies on thumpin' bass, The Hat on tight drums, and the funky guitar duo Groovalicious and Andre Lassalle.....of course, accompanied by the synthesized funk of Prez and Pearl! "Funk Army Mash" featured #9 on his usual lead vocalisms and Eric-Jay & Groovalicious backing up the Nappy Doctor!! "Funk Infection 2004" (featuring the Dr. Brookenstein hook line in the chorus) featured some insane keyboardisms by the good Prez (or funky Prezident)!! "Fly on the Wall" and "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" were followed by "Sexy M.F."....#9 decided to censor the "M.F. in "Sexy M.F." ("You sexy, sexy!")........maybe the FCC came down on them for doing some swearing in the past!! "Jungle Boogie" featured s'more of Prez's intergalactic keyboardisms!! The first set ended at 12:05am.

At 12:45am, the second set began with the NHFA doing a tribute to the Purple One......."America", "Gett Off" and "Pop Life" (done to the music of "Gett Off").........the band could definitely use Angela Workman on some backing vocals, especially for "Gett Off"! Andre Lassalle got off on some serious lead guitar on "God"! "If Anybody Gets Funked Up (It's Gonna Be You) / Body Slam (excerpt)" and "Oops Upside Your Head (I Really Don't Believe That You Wanna Dance)" (a chant for the audience) was followed by some "Atomic Dog". "Single Life", featuring the smokin' bass of Gary Bordies, was the last song that I heard before I left at 1:25am.

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