At Da Funky Phish - Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) (4/29/00)



I didn't realize that there was a group called Folk Fiction, opening for Nappyhead. The lead vocalist was a beautiful white woman who looks almost like Uma Thurman (that woman who spent a lot of time with John Travolta, in the movie "Pulp Fiction")......I would guess that's the origin of the group's name! Ms. "I Wanna Be Uma Thurman" tantalized the audience with her great body, clad in leather bondage-wear or white bra with a flower dress.

At 12:00 midnight, the funky Nappyheaded-fools (oops....I mean, Nappyhead) took to the stage, with the musicians (minus drummer & Nappy-funk overload, Zack Roberson) jammin' about a place called "Chocolate City". Zack entered the stage area, stating that "we got Newark, we got Gary....somebody told me 'we got Bay Shore'!" Tim Dorsey saxed up the place beautifully with his funky saxophone soundz!! Then, the lovely Nappy girls (Pat D'Auria & Tanya Thillet) took their place onstage with their blow-up alien dolls! Nappy flashlights were distributed and the place began to truly light up with da N-Funk (Nappyhead-Funk)! Almost every ass in the place was shaking to the intoxicating, pungent & definitely illicit funk--I was always surprised that a place like Bay Shore could have some funk like that, and not get arrested for disturbing some sensitive, d'voidoffunk ears!!!

"Funk Y2K Infection" made things much funkier with some of an uptempo funk sound accentuated by Clayton Harding's (synonomous with "Deep Pocket") on heavy bass and very groovalicious rhythm guitarisms by John Willis!! "Fly on the Wall" had so much intensity from the lethal guitar attack (by John Willis, crazy lead "axe-slayer" John Purvis, and Mr. Deep Pocket) and Eric's spaced-out keyboard riffs that the resulting funk could choke a 1,000 flies--how's that for insect-repellant! "Funk 'em If They Can't Take a Joke" was good with mo' sax from Tim (mo' sax is always mo' better)! "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka" almost did just that, with some driving & swoopin' bass riffs, funky drumming by "#9" (Zack Roberson), and great vocals by Pat & Tanya! (Pat, you are so great!) "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples" (a heavy bass song) segued into "Funkentelechy"....maybe if I got mo' funkentelechy, it could have cured my headache (I developed a pretty bad headache and I could have used the "Big Pill"). "Mothership Connection (Starchild)", incorporating chants of "the mothership connection is here", was excellent with some hot guitar work and some great vocals by John Willis, Pat & Tanya. "One Nation Under a Groove" was next and it sounded good, but my friend and I had to leave at 12:50am.


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