At Da Funky Phish - Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) (5/03/02)



The Nappyhead Funk Army got a late start because the management decided to stick a second opening act before them........what a stupid-ass move! DAMN!! (and at the last minute, too!!)

The majestic intro started at 1:10am, followed by "Funk Y2K Infection"......the intergalactic synthesized riffs of Prez were delicious!! "Fly on the Wall" featured some freakish keyboardisms by The Pearl! "Tear the Roof Off" featured the opening bass vocals of Eric-Jay on "Tear the Roof Off"! "Dirty Vamp" featured the wonderful vocal harmonies of #9 and Red Hot......"don't try to fight it, let it flow!" The Flash started off "Dirty Vamp" with some fiery guitar riffing!! Groovalicious started off "Come Together" with a slightly different lead guitar arrangement......which didn't seem to work.

"Red Hot Momma" was a showcase for more guitar-slaying by The Flash! "Jungle Boogie", "Every Dog Has Its Day", and "Sexy MF" were also good....many of the beautiful girls were onstage shaking their moneymakers, including Red Hot!! "Atomic Dog" featured some "Pumpin' It Up". The Nappyhead Funk Army did a short version of "One Nation Under a Groove" (I guess because of the late show start). "Knee Deep" was better with smokin' lead guitarisms by Groovalicious!! "Funk Army Mesh" had the fans marchin' to the funky beat.....the thumpin' bass of The General, the funky scratch guitar groove of Groovalicious, and the high-intensity guitarisms of The Flash were da bomb!! "Bottoms Up", another Nappy original with Flashy guitar and some General bass!! "Unfunky UFO" incorporated some "Party Up in Here", with great drumming by The Technician!! The outro ended the show at 3:15am.

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