At Leavy's Last Stop - Huntington, NY (Long Island) (5/23/03)



At 10:30pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army began with their rendition of "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)".......the stage room only had seven people in it with three times as many in the bar room, but the stage room slowly build up to maybe 40 fans.After listening to the stank-ass funky bass of The General, it was on to "Funk Army Mash", featuring an alien attack of intergalactic keyboard proportion by Prez and The Pearl!!! And it didn't hurt to have the funky scratch guitarisms of Groovalicious!"Funk Y2K+3", "Sexy MF/Nasty Girl/Sex Machine" (a vocal highlight for Ms. Red Hot) and "Jungle Boogie" followed, with a spaced-out synthesized solo by Prez! "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" was followed by Cameo's "Candy", featuring excellent basswork by The General! Cameo's "Single Life" was the ending to the first set.........first set was over at 11:30pm.

At 11:55pm, the second Nappyhead Funk Army set began with #9 on the funky lead vocals of "God" (a Nappyhead original), with backup from Red Hot and Eric-Jay! "Atomic Dog" was good because of the excellent guitar funk prowess of Groovalicious and one Dr. Brookenstein was onstage with his Sir Nose nose (which kept falling off!)....and some added vocalisms and what-not! Groovalicious kicked off "Let's Take It to The Stage" and the band later got into "Up For the Down Stroke" and "Red Hot Momma", the latter with some hot drumming from guest drummer, Mike! "Come Together" featured The General playing Jimi Hendrix's "Who Knows?" towards the end......and the audience was definitely chanting "Come Together"! "One Nation Under a Groove", "Knee Deep" and "Party Up in Here" followed. "Unfunky UFO" was da shit with the guitar and bass locking into a serious funk groove! "Funkemiftheycanttakeajoke" was a crowd pleaser, ending with just The General doing a short funky bass solo! The second set was over at 1:15am.

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