At Da Funky Phish - Bay Shore, NY (6/11/04)



Leader of the Nappyhead-ship, #9!!!!!!

At 12:30am, there was a long, funky intro jam featuring Pearl on piano and Gary Bordies on bass!! Gary's bass was mokin' (like a bushel of lit cigarettes) on "Funk Army Mash"....#9 and Eric-Jay (designated hitta for da funk!) were the vocal spotlights!! "Cosmic Slop" featured some pyrotechnic lead guitarisms by the axe-slayer Groovalicious! (DAY-UM!!) (By the way, guitarist Andre Lassalle couldn't make the gig because of some scheduling conflict) The anthem "Funk Infection 2004" was followed by a new song called "The Callipygyan Theory"....all about the theory of da booty! Another new song (written by Groovalicious) was "Break Me Off (a Little Piece of That Funk)" featured some wild lead guitarisms by Groovalicious, stank-ass bassisms, and some cosmic keyboard riffs by Pearl!!

Dr. Brookenstein is back to the Diaperman thing!

"Tear the Roof Off the Sucka", "Gett Off", "Pop Life" and "God" were followed by "Early Morning Hornies", featuring the funky vocalizations of Eric-Jay.......some mellow, sweet stuff that'll wet your eardrums, baba!! "Atomic Dog" was followed by "Dirty Vamp", featuring some super-dirty guitarisms and good drumming by The Technician! "Sexy MF" was good, buyt better was the song, "It's What I Do, It's What I Am", featuring a funkafied bass solo (thanks to Gary) as the intro and some flavorful synthesized riffs by The Funky Prezident, Prez!!! The show was over at 2:30am.

Nappyhead fans love DA FUNK!!

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