At Kenny's Castaways - NYC (6/16/00)



Nappyhead started very late at 1:40am. Funky sounds of "Chocolate City" filled the place. Unfortunately, much of the audience did not feel the raw funk least, during the first hour. Guest keyboardist Prez and regular keyboardist Eric Wilson funked up Kenny's with some wild, funky, noxious & spacey keyboard stylings!!!! Tim Dorsey was all that on sax. "We Want Bootsy" (which incorporated a little bit of "If Anybody Gets Funked Up, It's Gonna Be You") featured some very good bassisms by guest bassist Vince. "Knee Deep" featured good, good rhythm guitar by John Willis. "One Nation Under a Groove" featured some heavy synthesizer riffs. "Stretchin' Out in a Rubber Band" and "Up For The Down Stroke" were good, but "Atomic Dog" featured some great drumming by #9, heavy bass, and snippets of "Take Your Dead Ass Home" & "Let's Take It To The Stage". "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" included some "Pumpin' It Up". "Cosmic Slop" was followed by "Red Hot Momma", a red-hot funk-rocker tune sung by the red hot momma herself, Tanya Thillet, with the funky red hair!! (SHE'S HOT!!) The band got real nasty with the inclusion of "I Call My Baby Pussy" by Pat D'Auria, Tanya, and John Willis!

The highlight of the Nappyhead show was the spectacular performance of "Maggot Brain" was so mind-boggling, spiritual, and exhilarating.....all at the same time!!! John Purvis's rhythm guitaring and Vince's bass playing were fine, but John Willis was the show-stopper with smokin', wild, and raw-powered guitar riffing that probably woke Eddie Hazel up from his grave (just to witness Willis's power and give Willis a hearty handclap)!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nappyheaded foolz did "Chocolate City" as their final song......this song featured a heavy keyboard jam by Prez & Eric. The show ended at 3:30am.

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