At Leavy's Last Stop Cafe - Huntington, NY (Long Island) (7/18/03)



At 11:10pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army began their intense workout of funkativity exercises, but there were changes in the line-up.....sadly, Ms. Red Hot (Tanya Thillet) is no longer an official soldier in the NHFA, due to other interests. Also gone from the army is The General (Carlton Collier), the heavy bass or bottom behind "Bottoms Up" and "It's What I Do, It's What I Am". Both will be greatly missed! Now the good news, OG bassist Gary Bordies (remember him?) is back in the mix (YES!!!!!) and the guest drummer for this performance was a guy named Rodney (no "The Technician" aka Kevin Harrington or "The Hat" aka Ainsley Taylor).

"Funk Army Mash" was the first Funk Army throwdown and the lead vocalist #9 carried the song well, even in the absence of Red Hot's female vocal touch! "Funk Infection Y2K+3" was followed by "Fly on the Wall", featuring ripping lead guitarisms by Groovalicious and some standout synthesizer riffs by Prez......oh, and Rodney was hittin' em pretty damn hard on the drums! A new song, "The Callipygian Theory" (theory relating to the booty) featured Eric-Jay on lead vocals and was a slightly mellower funk tune with a rather simplistic keyboard intro by The Pearl, some wah-wah guitarisms by Groovalicious, and solid bass lines by Gary Bordies! Following that was another funk tune called "You Make Me Feel Like Funkin' (Wanna Sing a Song)" featuring Groovalicious on lead vocals! "Sexy MF/Housequake" was obviously something better handled by Red Hot.....two other things: (1) there was no "Sex Machine/Get on the Good Foot" portion included in the song and (2) "Housequake" sounded pretty good and definitely worked better for #9 than the normal segue into "Nasty Girl" further comments necessary! Fearless leader #9 brought Dr. Brookenstein to announce that the dressed-up, funked-out one is now responsible for updating the Nappyhead Funk Army website. Dr. Brookenstein was doing some additional vocals on the intro to "Tear the Roof Off the Sucka"! Cameo's "Single Life" and "Candy" were good, but Ohio Players's "Fire" was better with some fiery lead guitarisms....of course, it was still a couple of light-years away from the original recording! The band did a special request, Bob Marley's "Could You Be Loved?", a nice reggae rhythm track with good percussion by Eric-Jay! "Cosmic Slop" was full of heavy guitar and bass power! Gary threw down hard on a long funk slap-bass intro to "It's What I Do, It's What I Am"!! "Dirty Vamp" sounded okay vocally but the song really needed Red Hot! "Bottoms Up" was done in a mellow tune. "Unfunky UFO" was the ending to this funk feast, a hardcore nasty funk-de-force with the chant "Somebody said that funk was dead, why did they's still alive!" and some of that Brides's "Party Up in Here".....#9 was sprawling on the floor in the ultimate of funkgasms! Just enough funkativity to make the walls of Leavy's Last Stop melt!!! The show was over at 1:35am.

As a sidebar, #9 was in serious form, vocally and physically, as he moved about the stage in high-energy form. He repeatedly asked the fans to imagine themselves watching TV with their clickers (remote control units) and surfing through channels just to come across the first ever funk channel, featuring the Nappyhead Funk Army with your host #9!!!!


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