At the Elbow Room - NYC (8/04/00)



The funky overlord, Zack Roberson, surrounded by adoring fans!!!

Nappyhead got off to a very late start at 1:30am by promising to funkatize every ass in the club!!

Truthfully, this show was a lot better than previous shows due to an increase of energy in Zack Roberson's frontmanship.....there was a lot more riling up the audience for participation, more of sticking mics in someone's face, and more walking into the audience! The whole band seemed much more alive with funkativity!! Guest backing vocalist Jay danced out, flashing the "P" sign, while another male backing vocalist riled up the audience. Lead vocalist Tanya Thillet got a little intimate with some fans near the stage, and began dancing atop a bar, shaking her trombone (among other things, if you know what I mean!)!!!

The ever-so-gorgeous Tanya Thillet dancing atop a bar!!!

The first song was "Funk Y2K Infection", which featured a spacey synthesizer solo by Prez, funkafied rhythm guitaring by John Willis, and some serious bass-funk by original Nappyhead bassist Gary Bordies! "Fly on the Wall" was da shit with Eric Wilson's keyboard riffs taking the fans to outta space at warp speed!! "Funkemiftheycan'ttakeajoke" featured some mo' of Eric's wickedness!! "Tear The Roof Off the Sucka" and "Cosmic Slop" followed.....John Willis's lead guitar riffs were smokin' and Kevin Harrington's drumming was on the one, especially the ending drumrolls!!! The band stretched out with "Stretchin' Out", which incorporated some "Cholly" ("Funk gettin' ready to roll") and Bootsy Collins's "Landshark" ("Shake what you brought witcha, you know where it's gonna getcha!") Half of the fans were onstage for "Atomic Dog/Pumpin' It Up".....including me. "Red Hot Momma" was full of John Willis's breathtaking axe slaying!! "Let's Take it to the Stage" (with "Take Your Dead Ass Home") was good, but "Up For The Down Stroke" featured a supersonic synth blast from Prez.....DAMN, WOT WAS THAT!!! "Standing on the Verge of Gettin' It On" and "Flashlight" were funky.

Vocalist Jay, with a "case of trombipulation"!!!

The most hilarious scene happened during "Flashlight": Jay walked to the centerstage area with a "case of trombipulation" (an "elephant-trunk" nose)......Zack was gettin' his groove on and glanced over in Jay's direction.....he saw the nose and freaked out......his response was "OH SHIT!!".....Zack stumbled over to the other male vocalist!!!! IT WAS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING I EVER WITNESSED!!!

"Unfunky UFO" included a piece of "Undisco Kidd". John Purvis shined on electrifying guitar (WHEW!!!). Purvis contined to do so during "Alice in My Fantasies". The Nappyhead experience ended at 3:10am.

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