At Kennedy Park - Hempstead, NY (Long Island) (8/09/02)



Nappyhead Funk Army got their funk on, this time in a different way....some OUTDOOR FUNK, funking with the locals at Kennedy Park in Hempstead, NY. The show was scheduled at 7:00pm, but the band didn't start until 7:20pm.

The army started with an arousing intro followed by the patriotic "Funk Army Mesh", with the vocalists #9, Red Hot, Eric-Jay and newcomer Angela Workman (from NYC's R&B/funk band Rhythm Republik) stepping in time to the marching beat of the drummer, The Technician!! "Funk Infection Y2K+2" was infectious, but better was the intergalactic synth wizardry of the Key Master himself, Prez (or Da Funky PREZident, as I call him)!! "Tear The Roof Off the Sucka" was a great workout for those fans who dug the old-time P-Funk shit! "Red Hot Momma" was hardcore and "Sexy Mutha" had to be censored to avoid the corruption of minors in the park!! ("You sexy mutha-- ") "Jungle Boogie" was full of heavy-duty, rocking keyboard riffs by The Pearl! The Pearl was in rare form on "Dirty Vamp", as he became a lethal madman, pounding out stankalicious, hardcore synthesized riffs while thrashing about behind his equipment!! Oh, the lead guitar line by Andre Lassalle was cool, too! "Every Dog Has Its Day" featured an eternally stinking funk bass workout by The General, some strong keyboard riffs & some good rhythm guitar riffs by Groovalicious! "Bottoms Up" featured Eric-Jay's rap, while "Cosmic Slop" featured a good drum intro and some top-notch vocals by Red Hot! The performance of "Funkemiftheycan'ttakeajoke" (the show's closer) sounded like the last two shows, except some fantastic, strong lead vocals were provided by Angela (towards the end of the song)! About 20 fans were onstage jamming with the Nappyhead Funk Army, as the show ended at 9:00pm.

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