At CODA - NYC (8/9/04)



The band is smokin'!! (Groovalicious, Eric-Jay & #9 the fearless leader)

At 9:00pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army began their first NYC gig in a while at CODA (in midtown Manhattan). The band was giving the people some of that "Funk Army Mash", followed by "Funk Infection 2004", with Prez going off on some cosmic synthesizer excursion doing the breakdown! Pearl hit the fans hard with his spicy keyboardisms on "Fly on the Wall"! "Sexy M.F." was good, but better was the tightened drumming work on "Tear the Roof Off The Sucka". "God" was a funky, funky gospel tune with Mark Bass (of RHYTHM REPUBLIK) throwing down on some poppin' bassisms and Pearl went nuts on keyboards! "Cosmic Slop" featured the loud 'n' proud rock guitarisms from the axe-slayer himself, Groovalicious!! "It's What I Do, It's What I Am" was good, but better was "Early Morning Hornies" with the Bootsified-vocals of the newly-married Eric-Jay and the very passionate crooning/singing of #9 (the fearless leader of the NHFA)....the breakdown at the end was definitely memorable, with the heavy drums and screeching guitar! "Atomic Dog" was an encore song that got the fans on their feet dancin'! The show was over at 10:45pm.

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