Nappyhead Funk Army
At the Good Times Pub - Freeport, NY (Long Island) - 8/11/01



At 10:50pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started their first set with some heavy, stank bass grooves of Carlton and some freakish keyboards by Prez......the song was "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)"!! The funky bass and keyboards persisted through "We Want Bootsy", incorporating some segments of "Theme From the Black Hole", "Reach Out and Touch Somebody" (Nappyhead Funk Army chant), and "Children of Productions!" "Funk Y2K Infection" featured some great vocals by Tanya Thillet. "Fly on the Wall" featured some spacey keyboard riffs by Eric Wilson. "Funkemiftheycan'ttakeajoke" featured some funky bass keyboard riffs by Prez. The Nappyheaded leader, Zack Roberson, sprang a new song on the funkateers called "Dirty Vamp".....the song featured a smokin' guitar solo by John Willis and an irresistible chorus, sung by Zack, Tanya and Eric-Jay. Zack actually began to rap during the song!! The first set ended at 11:55pm.

At 12:25am, the second set of the Nappyhead Funk Army attack began with "Tear The Roof Off the Sucka".....and that's what they did! The 20-plus fans in the pub were getting their groove on!! A medley of "Let's Take It to the Stage", "Take Your Dead Ass Home" and "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" followed. "Up For the Down Stroke" and "Red Hot Momma" were hot, but I liked "Funkentelechy"......I was invited to join Nappyhead onstage after walking out of the bathroom, sporting a large, red-colored, Afro wig!! So, I was a backing vocalist for "Funkentelechy" and "Atomic Dog/Pumpin' It Up"!!! "Could This Be Love" was a reggae treat that the N-Funk Army tossed to the funkateers......great vocals by the great Zack Roberson!!

"Mothership Connection" featured a dedication to an old funk fan in the audience......she was "baptized" as a honorary Nappyhead Funk Army soldier with a set of P-Funk tags on a necklace!!

"Cosmic Slop" featured a good drum intro by Ainsley Taylor. After "Cosmic Slop", I left at 1:50am for the train to Manhattan, NYC and I heard the N-Funk Mob performing "One Nation Under a Groove" (from a distance).

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