At Mighty Quinn's Pub - Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) (9/05/03)



At 11:40pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started their show (in their OLD, favorite stomping ground.....BAY SHORE) with the song "Funk Army Mash".....the fearless leader of the NHFA, #9, was playing the funky bass!! Andy Lassalle was firing up the Mighty Quinn with some fiery lead guitaring!! "Funky 2YK Infection + 3" featured some extra-funky bass riffing and spaced-out synth riffs by Prez! It was The Pearl's turn to shine on the synthesized funk of "Fly on the Wall", followed by Groovalicious nasty lead guitarisms on "Cosmic Slop"! "Sexy MF/Sex Machine" was followed by the synth feast of Prez & The Pearl on "Jungle Boogie".....also, jungle funk poured from #9's bass!! "It's What I Do, It's What I Am" was another "rumble in the jungle" bass romp for #9!!

"Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" (featuring additional vocals by Pat D'Auria--original Nappyhead vocalist) was followed by Pat's lead vocals on "Red Hot Momma"......those vocals were SMOKIN'!!! "God" featured Eric-Jay doing a rap that incorporated a chorus from Bootsy's "Funky and You Know It"......that's right, baby baba!!! "Unfunky UFO's" and "Party Up in Here" ended the show on a seriously high note, at 1:20am.

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