At Calico Jack's - Oceanside, NY (Long Island) (10/11/02)



At 11:30pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started the "funk-down" with some "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)", featuring the heavy funk keyboards of The Pearl! Prez, the other keyboardist, was on fire on "Funk Infection Y2K+2"! "Fly on the Wall" was followed by "Gonna Get Up", which featured some tight ass funk bass by The General!! The bass funk continued into the next new song (which I don't know the title of), where The Pearl gave it up on funk keyboards and Andre Lassalle provided the heavy-duty, pyrotechnic lead giutar solo!! "Come Together" was good--as was the guitar fire provided by Groovalicious on "Red Hot Momma"! The Technician threw down on drums on "Tear the Roof Off The Sucka"! "It's What I Do, It's What I Am" and "Jungle Boogie" were as good as Red Hot's vocal spotlight, "Sexy MF/Nasty Girl"! The leader/vocalist #9 tried to be slick by adding a different nursery rhyme to the song "Let's Take It to The Stage" was "Mary Had a Little Lamb"!!

Groovalicious smoked Calico Jack's with raw lead guitar power on the Eric-Jay rap portion of "Bottoms Up".....the percussion work by Red Hot was really good!
Andre soared like an eagle on lead guitar for the psychedelic rock epic, "Maggot Brain"!!!

"One Nation Undera Groove" and "Knee Deep" were good, but better was the new song written by Eric-Jay called "Early Morning Hornies" sounded similar to Bootsy Collins's "Good & Nasty" (a slow, funky tune)!!! (This sounded so out-of-place for a band that is known for hard, uptempo funk only!) Eric-Jay did the lead vocals and Bootsy-voiced rap, while #9 did background vocals.

The last song,"Funkemiftheycanttakeajoke" featured the breakdown chant of "We are soldiers in the army!" The show ended at 2:30am.

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