At Da Funky Phish - Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) (11/01/02)



At 12:30am, Nappyhead Funk Army (for the first time in their history) went into "Cosmic Slop" was the same hardcore guitar rock stuff as before. During "Funk Infection Y2K+2", the Nappyhead Funk Army held a contest for the "Best Dressed Halloween Costume"! The 1st place winner was Mr. Dirty Disco Ball, the 2nd place winner was The Scarecrow, and the 3rd place winner was Mr. Porno Man (with pictures of different porno shots on his white jumpsuit!

After the contest, it was back to the music....."P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)", "Tear the Roof off the Sucka", "Sexy MF/Nasty Girl", and "Dirty Vamp" followed. "Atomic Dog" featured some hardcore, nasty funk keyboards by The Pearl (by the way, second keyboardist Prez couldn't make the show that night)!! Some more of that keyboard funk prevailed on "Red Hot Momma", along with Groovalicious's fiery lead guitarisms and Red Hot's tight vocals!! "Break Me Off Some of That"(if that's the title) featured a guitar/keyboard funk excerpt from "Take Your Dead Ass Home". "Jungle Boogie" and "Funkemiftheycan'ttakeajoke" were followed by "Come Together", the heavy lead guitar tune where one Dr. Brookenstein walked out with a nappy (diaper) and Mardi Gras look and nappy!!! The General provided a solo bass workout that'd make you sweat on "It's What I Do, It's What I Am"!! "Bottoms Up" featured Andre Lassalle's lead guitar nastiness!!! "One Nation Under a Groove" and "Knee Deep" were good, but better was "Early Morning Hornies", introduced by Eric-Jay (the smooth playa of the band) and featured the lead vocals of #9!! "Unfunky UFO" was the last song of the night and the fans were gettin' their groove on seriously, with some "Party Up in Here" threw in for good measure!!!! The show was over at 2:50am.

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