At Da Funky Phish - Bay Shore, NY (Long Island) (11/02/01)



At 11:55pm, the Nappyhead Funk Army started their warm-up tune of "P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)", with some strong, stanky bass licks of Carlton and a HOT lead guitar solo by John Willis!! Then, the army launched a full FUNK attack on the club patrons with their original "Funk Y2K Infection", a nastier version of the funk cut, thanks to John Willis's guitarisms.....the sound was more lethal than some airborne anthrax (sorry about that!)!! "Fly on the Wall" was followed by the ultra-funky "Let It Flow".....a song with a sinister-sounding synthesizer riff by Eric Wilson & matching guitar riffs by John.....its feel reminded me of Parliament's "B3M (Blind 3 Mice)--Sir Nose D'Voiddoffunk"!!!!! Let's not forget the freakish keyboard riffs bouncing off the wall, provided by Prez!!

"America" was a welcomed addition to the set.....a Prince song that the group dedicated to the events on September 11, 2001! John provided some tight rhythm guitar licks, along with mo' of Carlton's strong bassisms!!

"Red Hot Momma" featured some good drumming by Ainsley Taylor. Vocalist Eric-Jay surprised the audience by appearing in a Garry Shider-type nappy (diaper)......his vocals were strong and his stage presence was definitely felt!! GO ERIC-JAY!!! That was followed by "Up For the Down Stroke" and "Cosmic Slop", the latter benefiting from some great lead vocals by the ever-so-beautiful Tanya Thillet!! "Jungle Boogie" was followed by "Atomic Dog/Pumpin' It Up".......this is where leader Zack Roberson came to the stage on his knees like a dog, sniffing around Tanya and Carlton! Zack's lead vocals and showmanship was definitely on the one! Add to that the funky keyboard riffs of Mr. Prez!! "Cholly (Funk Getting Ready to Roll)/Undisco Kidd" was followed by "One Nation Under a Groove", which segued into "Knee Deep"......John's lead guitar solo was da shit!! Tanya performed an old R&B song.....(I can't remember the name of it.) Eric provided a funky keyboard solo during "If Anybody Gets Funked Up, It's Gonna Be You/United We Stand"!! The band went into the Joan Osbourne's "One of Us"......their version was close to the Prince version. Prince hits like "1999" and "Sexy M.F." were included, as well as Nappyhead's chant "Reach Out and Touch Somebody". The show was over at 2:45am.

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